Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Many things.

1. Important things first. My cookies went out on Saturday. I apologize in advance to one of my recipients. I didn't have enough packing material at the post office so I used grocery bags from my groceries instead. Sorry!

2. I have a broken nose. My surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 7:30 to reset it. I broke it horseback riding. I have started taking lessons again. A bunch of women my age get together on Wednesday mornings for an hour lesson and then an hour trail ride. (It's the only good thing about not having a job.) Things went terribly wrong the day before Thanksgiving and I was thrown face first into the fence. It was neither my fault nor Romeo's (my horse). Wyoming started to buck, which made Prince buck, which made Hollywood buck...you get the picture. And here is a picture the day after. You can imagine how black and blue my eyes got after that. Please don't laugh at how ugly I am. *sobs*

3. I still don't have a job but it's certainly from not lack of applying or looking. I am even signed up with 3 agencies. From what they tell me, this is a crappy time of year. Things should look much better come January. I hate being at home and I HATE not having income. Grrrrrr.

4. All the changes have been made on the house. It looks great. I'll post pictures later.

5. I am still married. We are in INTENSIVE therapy right now with an actual shrink and not just a counselor. The man I live with now is NOT the same man I was married to in Albany. I don't know how long it will last, him acting like this or the marriage itself.

6. I have missed all of you greatly and thank you for all the replies in my last post. I just have a very tough time sharing personal stuff. Work yes, marriage no.

7. The weather rocks here.

8. I've actually made some friends. One of them is going with me for my surgery tomorrow. :)

9. My mom came to visit and we had a wonderful time. My marital problems are actually causing my mother and me to deal with our own mother/daughter issues.

10. I am flying home for x-mas. My DH is not coming with me. I am not really looking forward to the holidays at all. Because my weather association is so off, I keep thinking it's mid October. I'll be ready for x-mas when the tulips come up in February.

11. I think that's it. I'll edit if I think of anything else.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger momma said...

Owie!!! Hope the surgery goes well. That just looks way painful.

I'm still sorry to hear about you and DH. I hope that the two of you can make it work and get back to being happy. Although, I find it encouraging that you and your mom are working on issues.


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Puffy said...

I'm so glad that you updated. You've been on my mind (especially since yesterday). *grin* It's good that you're making friends and working on your life. *hugs*

Good luck with the surgery and the job search.

*munch munch*
glorpprrr frmpp
*chomp chomp*
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
*chew chew*
Is it bad that I'm having a yogurt and 3 cookies for lunch?
I love my cookiez!!! The sugar cookies are yummy, and then I hit the sweetness that is white chocolate chips and they're even yummier! And I love the chewy oatmeal/cinnamon cookies. They're similar to one of the cookies that I sent but these are chewy! I like chewy cookies better than crisp cookies.

Thank you for the mug (had hot chocolate in it last night) and the shirt. Naughty Happy Bunny fits me just right!

FYI and anyone's else's info, the Post Office has free flat rate boxes and postage is only $8.95 for any weight.

I hope your holidays go well. Merry Christmas!

At 3:54 PM, Blogger thndrkttn said...

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG! Puffy, that makes me so happy that you got them that quickly! The sugar ones have orange in them. Can you taste it? I think I need to add more orange next time. So glad you liked the shirt. I sent my other person a Carolina Tarheels shirt but it's going to be way too big. I couldn't find anything remotely small enough for you but thought the naughty bunny tee was super cute. Soooo glad you liked everything. That? Is exactly why I signed up to do this even though I have been a bit down (and as of tomorrow morning, OUT). Yay. :)*contented sigh*

At 4:33 PM, Blogger kim (weltek) said...

Ack! I hope your surgery goes well. What a bummer. At least you get a good story out of it. Stories are always good for the holidays.

I'm sorry the job hunt is going lousy. Keep an open mind and hope.

And as for you and DH, sounds like you are committed to trying to make it work. I'm sorry for the rough roads, and I truly hope you both come out better people in the end. As you said, it's good the therapy is helping in other areas of your life, too. *hugs*

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Puffy said...

Maybe it's the orange that makes the sugar cookies sweet. I thought it was the white chocolate. *chomp chomp* I had to have another one to taste it again.

I prefer a naughty happy bunny shirt over a Tarheels shirt. It's not too big; it's just right. I'm sort of BIG on top. Too big, in my opinion.

I just noticed the bruise on your chin, too. OW!

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Swami said...

Oh, owie! I think broken noses hurt like heck! Still, I envy your horseback riding and lessons. I loved that part of my life. If you are going for trail rides are you riding Western seat? Western is fun but I loved my English Dressage. I really wanted to learn jumping but I never got beyond the basics: a 2 ft high 'kiddie' jump, lol.

I hope things work out well for you and the DH. I also think finding a job will help normalize everything in your life - so good luck with that search!

Flying home for Christmas sounds great!

*steals a cookie from Puffy*

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Breezy said...



At 9:18 PM, Blogger lights said...

Hey Tkitty! Welcome to the broken nose club! *grin* I broke mine playing ball many years ago. Never did get it reset so it sits a little off to one side but isn't really noticable. I think.

Hope you're feeling better real soon. You are still gorgeous, even with the black eye.

Don't stress about the job hunt until after the holidays. Enjoy your time off because soon enough you'll be back to work and wishing for some of that spare time again. I know I am.

Sorry to hear about the problems with you and DH. Hang in there Kitty. Remember, if things don't work out there's always my son. *wink*

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have missed you and am glad you are poosting. Ouchie on the nose. I hope all is going well with that.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger yvonne said...

Just stopping in to give you a big gentle *hug* and good wishes for productive therapy. I'm sorry things have not gone well, but I have no doubt you will be able to handle everything that comes your way.

*more hugs*


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Bravie said...

So how are you doing now? Do we get an updated pic of the broken nose?
*hugs* I do hope that things rae getting better for you. *smooch*

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Ouch! So sorry you've been having such a rough time lately Tkit. I've thought about you often. Sending good vibes to you for the new year! Happy Holidays! *hug*

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Bravie said...

Merry Christmas.

At 2:14 AM, Blogger sharnina said...

I know I'm posting late to this and I hope you see this. I'm so sorry about your nose. Ouch! I hope it gets better real quick.

I'm glad you're making friends and settling in your new home. I will continue my prayers for you and your DH. You've taken a big and difficult step in life by dropping everything and moving to a completely new place and new job for DH. That's very stressful for both of you. I know of what I speak (I'm just now starting to feel better and settled). Hang in there, it will get better.

Take care of yourself.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Bobdechemist said...

Hey, just wondering how things are going for you.


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