Thursday, September 21, 2006

Odd Dreams.

Okay, so I had another dream about Carey. (Yes, I have had several.) I almost didn't have this dream as Bear had woken me up around 4:00 with his snoring and I was having trouble going back to sleep. I have trained myself that if I think about anything I had been dreaming about thus far that night, I can fall back asleep dreaming about the same thing. Well I couldn't remember anything about my dreams that night so I thought about other dreams I have had and WHAM, alseep and dreaming. This dream was really odd. Carey and I were in California and we met this dude named George who was trying desperately to pick up chicks. He looked and sounded just like Kip from Napolean Dynamite. I don't know how we met him but he took us back to where he lived which was a boarding house. We were floored when he opened the door. His room was tiny and the walls were day-glo yellow and all of the accents and his bed were purple. Carey and I looked at each other and managed to keep somewhat straight faces. He was joking about picking up women and how was he ever going to get a chick when his teeth "looked like commas." (I can't make this stuff up. I live a whooole other life at night.) Then we go back outside with him and Carey whips out a portfolio and is showing him beautiful nature and landscape photographs. I say to Carey "Oh that's right. You're a professional photographer!" and she proceeds to sell him a $5,000.00 package for head shots!! We had talked to Nookie earlier in the day and all of sudden she shows up. I asked you flew all the way from Atlanta? She said "Well, you guys sounded like you were having so much fun that I decided to take a flight out here." That's about all I remember but gosh it was odd. Fun, but odd.

All the S.W.A.T. peeps are still here. I have gotten to know one of the bomb dogs pretty well. His name is Alex. He's sweet. I have gotten so used to having all the guns, rifles, bomb dogs and extra personnel around that it's going to feel odd NOT having them here when they leave.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

S.W.A.T., a trial and a video.

It was really unnerving coming to work today. These guys are going to trial in my building today.

The whole building is barracaded and there are 3-5 S.W.A.T. guys at every entrance. The building is also surrounded by SEVERAL police and S.W.A.T. vehicles with surveillance cameras. There is a bomb squad on the premises as well. Ummm, why am I here?

On a much lighter note, here is a 14 second video of Thea howling when the fire siren goes off at the firehouse just down the street. Always cracks me up. I just noticed Bear over in the right hand corner under the windows. HA!