Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snubbed and the outlaws.

It’s pretty sad that my entries are either pictures of my pets or rants about work. Since this entry is lacking in photographs, it will obviously be about the latter.

Snubbed. We have a new secretary who has been her for about 2 months. She’s fairly nice, a little on the quiet side. We have spoken a few times, talked at the lunch table, said hello in the hallways. Well the ‘cool kids’ have gotten a hold of her. As long as you play along with them, agree to worship them and be their minions, the cool kids will take on a newbie to increase their ranks.

Today, I went next door for a sandwich and she was waiting outside, alone. I saw her, we made eye-contact and no shit, she turned her back towards me and stood there when facing away from me as I walked up. Whoa. Okay. I say nothing and go inside to get my sandwich, she walks in, we make eye contact again and as soon as we do, she turns the other direction and walks away. I get back to the building and she waltzes in the lunchroon all smiles until she sees me and then she turns away. Are you fucking kidding me? I have been in this office for 4.5 years and with the USAO for over 10 and YOU are going to snub ME??!! Normally, I don’t react this way and I look for ulterior reasons as to why this would happen but it was so blatant that she wanted nothing to do with me and I have done nothing to deserve the cold shoulder. In case you guys have forgotten, I HATE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew. Okay. In other news, our Thanksgiving was absolutely great. Why so great you might ask? Because we spent it ALONE. No family. No issues. Just us, the pups, and Ryan and it was phenomenal!!! Of course, such a great holiday comes with a price.

We have to go to the in-laws (outlaws) this weekend and the drama has already started. The StepMIL has sent us her "itinerary" for the weekend. Mind you, we are there for about 40 hours total, about 24 waking hours. It is filled with family dinners with her side, FOUR junior hockey games (think ten year olds), shopping at the mall (I HATE the mall), a lunch with DH’s sister and brunch on Sunday. So then the MIL sends us her itinerary and it involves a large family dinner on HER side of the family along with some other things. Obviously there is no way that both itineraries can be adhered to as they both do not account for the other side of the family. Plus to be honest, they’re a big joke. You think we’re going to attend four junior hockey games? Puh-leeze. Even if we were going to be out there for a month, that wouldn’t happen. So, WE rearranged the itinerary to accommodate both families and be able to see his friends that he only gets to see maybe 3 times a year. Now? Everyone is disappointed that they aren't getting more "alone" time with us which is really just time to browbeat us about moving to Buffalo. Gee whiz! DH is ready to throw in the towel and not go at all. Instead of getting super bent out of shape as I normally do, I have actually started to find it amusing instead of irritating. Just seeing how far they take this nonsense. OOOHH!! And DH has given me free reign to put my StepMIL in her place when she starts making her nasty jabs at my family and how we run our marriage. Boy oh boy, it’s gonna get ugly!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Finally friends.

I think Ryan finally figured out she is warm and cuddley.