Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Carey and I were discussing this so she pretty much has read all of this already.

Do you ever get the impression that some on-line peeps just don't like you? I get that vibe big time from a couple of bloggers. Not sure why.

I have a real issue with realizing that I am older and pretty much uncool. The little rental house next to us just had a girlfriend and boyfriend move in. They are 22. I feel like every time I talk to them, they are looking at me thinking "She is soooo uncool."

DH and I are pretty isolated here with no real friends and family so I don’t socialize nearly as I used to which leads me to believe I have no social skills anymore.

It makes me think of my very favorite line from the movie Almost Famous. Lester Bangs is talking to William on the phone and says "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool."

I? Am uncool. Are you?

As a side note and as I told Carey, I thought it was hilarious that the spellcheck my e-mail doesn’t recognize the word ‘uncool". It keeps trying to tell me that I am misspelling ‘uncoil’. My computer obviously doesn’t think I’m uncool.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Quick update: my cousin Mark is home.

For those of you who knew, my cousin Mark was in Iraq on this third tour. Six men in his unit were killed by snipers, including his best friend. In addition, there was an accident when he was driving the truck and one of his men was killed. You cannot imagine the relief I felt when I got the call that he was in North Carolina. He has no more tours and will be getting out of the Marines in July. I think he’s put in his time.

Less than four months to breathe and then, in August, my brother goes over for 13 months. This will be particularly difficult due to my recently strained relationship with him. He was a real fucking asshole to me the last time I saw him and I told him if I ever saw him again, it would be too soon. So I have that going for me...

Friday, April 07, 2006

A quick true story for MM.

I thought you in the shower the other day. Why you ask? (and before Carey gets jealous...)

Well, I had just gotten into the shower and was leaning back, eyes closed, wetting my hair. When I tilted my head back upright and opened my eyes, I noticed a SPIDER crawling down the far inside edge of the tub. I scream (well, DUH!). I think "Calm down. Just get out of the shower and get something thick enough to squash it." But before I can react, the spider makes it’s way into the water that is draining and is now on the fast track to assault me in my end of the tub. I think "Oh.My.Freakin’.God!! IT’S HEADED RIGHT FOR ME!!!!!" I have never moved so fast in my life. That thing missed hitting my feet by mere nanoseconds and millimeters. I hopped out, naked and wet and totally freaking out, turned the water off and basically drowned the little bastard against the drain. Then, I took a huge handful of toilet paper to avoid any possibility of the dreaded ‘crunch’ factor and made sure he was firmly planted within the toilet paper to avoid the even more dreaded 'miss and crawl up my arm' factor. *waves to Jen* . I then threw the little pervert in the toilet and flushed. I thought MM would be pretty proud of me.