Monday, September 28, 2009

Riding was fantastic!

I went riding last Wednesday and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a lesson. I've been riding since I was about 15 and actually rode in college. I had just started jumping when I had to stop because of money. Riding is expensive!

So it was a semi-private hour lesson with three other ladies. One of them is a close friend who was a hunter/jumper in her younger years and is just getting back into riding. The instructor was great working with us on fine tuning hand positions, keeping the horse on the rail and not letting them cheat. (My horse cheated every chance he could. To his credit, he had been ridden all day and just wanted to go back to the barn and eat.) There was a great deal of leg work using just your leg pressure to give them signals. I drive a stick shift car and I was in so much pain on Friday that I had to pick my left leg up with my hand to put it on the clutch! I am still not right today but you know what? After my accident and being afraid for so long, I was and am thrilled to be back in the saddle. I absolutely love it! If things continue to go this well, DH and I have already talked and I will be leasing a horse next spring. Ah, another great thing about NC. I can ride all year long. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Update" or "Because weltek told me to..."

Ahhhh, let’s see. It’s been over a year since I updated. About two since I stopped updating regularly.

Where does one even begin after a year?

Um, I guess I’ll just give you random thoughts.

I’m glad Jordan won. Seeing the photo of her and ED next to each other was odd. Someone cut that stringy mess off of Natalie’s head. Gak.

I hate this office more than the last one. *sigh* Everyone here is so concerned with what others are doing that nothing gets done. The level of hypocrisy is staggering. Almost makes me miss the days of TEE. Almost. Plus, the time wasted trying to calm the shit-stirrers is endless. This is how this office handles a small complaint from a shit-stirrer. The current policy is Plan A. Then we have a complaint by shit stirrer. Flurry of emails go around, angry phone calls. Plan B is issued by management. Flurry of emails, shouting in the hallways, more angry phone calls. Plan C is issued by management. Now everyone is involved. Tons of emails, everyone whispering in groups, blame is everywhere. Management then comes up with a brilliant solution which is... wait for it...Plan A. *sigh*

I am trying to cook dinner at least 2 nights a week. It makes my husband very happy to have a meal ready when he gets home. He’s not real thrilled with his job either. He’s being micromanaged to death by a disorganized idiot. I figured the OT cooking club would help me come up with ideas. If you haven’t tried that blueberry muffin recipe that I posted, you should. They are some damn fine muffins. *waves to weltek and MC*

My DH’s grandfather passed away last October. He was 82 and a neat guy. He left us his power boat which we dragged down from NY. Boating in NC is an absolute blast (with the exception of trying to register the thing. They asked for so much paperwork, I though we were going to need our third grade report cards!) But seriously, we have the best time and gosh darn if southerners aren’t prime partying partners. We go out for a ride then beach the boat in this cove with about 30 other boats. From there, we just drink and swim. Soooo fun. And!!! we can swim well into October. Right now, the water temps are still in the 80's.

I tried really hard when I moved here to go forth and make friends. It’s much harder than you think when live in the Bible Belt and you don’t have any kids, have no family or friends here and you’re from the north. *sigh* I thought using the dogs to meet people would work out but alas, everyone I met at the dog park or from the Labrador message board I belong to had to be axed. One lady, that was really nice, had a dog that wasn’t. First play date, he pinned Thea by her neck. Next play date, he bit Bear in the chest. Um, no more playdates. Then there were the C-word twins. I’m not wasting one more word on the absolute waste of human skin that is named Meg EXCEPT to say “Go fuck yourself, you stupid, obnoxious, jealous little bitch.” Ah, much better.

Let’s see. What else. Little bro just graduated from Top Gun. Woot! Other little bro, not doing so hot.

We went to NY for two weeks in June. First week was spent in the gloriousness that is my parent’s place on Lake Ontario. OMG, it was wonderful. Second week was spent in hell, a/k/a Buffalo. Got into a HUGE screaming match with my Step-Mother In Law. She was being passive-aggressive with me because I didn’t want to go shopping at the mall with her. ( I LOATHE the mall.) She thinks that if you stay in her house, she owns you. You will sit in the same room with her at all times, you will not leave the house unless she ‘allows’ you to leave. If you must leave, you have to go where she wants you to. DH and I took the dogs for a walk one morning and she later said “Well, I LET you go for a walk this morning.” Are you kidding lady? You don’t LET me do shit. Grrrrr! Also, for some stupid reason, my FIL thought it would be funny to walk up behind me and slam me over the head with a baking pan. He hit me so hard, I almost burst into tears. What a fucked up thing to do! So later than day, we were out to dinner at the Rod & Gun Club (no shit!) where my in-laws know everyone in the world. Well, some of their friends come over and StepMIL starts introducing us. She then smirks, gestures to me and says “This is my daughter-in-law, Christine.” Now, you all know my fucking name is NOT Christine. Why the name Christine? That’s DH ex whom he had dated for six years. I looked at my DH and said “I’m going to the Ladies Room.” Walked out, went to the parking lot to compose myself and she and DH came out. The gloves came off. It was ugly but there was a lot that needed to be said by me. She actually had the nerve to tell me it was my fault she called me Christine because I had mentioned Christine earlier in the week! Needless to say, I won’t be going anywhere near Buffalo for quite some time. Thank god.

OMG! If you have not seen “Weeds” on Showtime, go rent it. Really. Kevin Nealson is brilliantly funny. Oh and Season 4 Dexter premiere is Sunday. Yay! More killing of peeps who need killing! I also watched the first season of Nurse Jackie. Not sure what to think about that one.

Um, I learned how to make homemade baguette. Have made prolly 20 loaves. Good stuff.

Going to start horseback riding again. Rode once about a year ago and it was too soon. I was scared to death. But I think I’m over it now and going to start semi-private lessons. Very much looking forward to that.

And to end on a good note, we are going to see the Black Crowes in two weeks followed by two consecutive nights of Widespread Panic/Allman Brothers. Can’t wait! Oooh! And we’re planning a trip to Belize for sometime in May! I'll be damned if I am going to spend one more vacation sitting in my in-laws house doing nothing.

So, that’s all I got.