Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Viva Las Vegas....

I'm home and maybe only folks that have been to Vegas will understand this but...I feel...different. We both do. Very different. We have been too sendiment in our lives here. I will elaborate in a separate post but I feel so odd being home.

We need to make some major changes. We have been too dormant, too forgiving, too excepting of a life that sucks and I really don't want to do that anymore. The money at my job is great but when you get to the point where you are unable to separate the hell of work from your homelife, that starts to cause problems.

On a side note, I don't think the dogs have ever been happier to see us and they did well being boarded. :)

We are suddenly tired of being taken advantage of here and being forced (of our own voalition) to living a life of hell, especially me at work. Put it this way, we're looking at moving to Tennessee.

Vegas gave us a bit of longing for something better than what we have been living. Not the money and glory of Vegas but just finding a place where we are happier and more in control of our future and I, for one, am fucking sick and tired of the complete bullshit that I put up with at work. We're ready to make a change. I don't know if it was the unadulterated sunshine everyday and walking probably a minimum of 5+ miles everyday but there is a better life for us somewhere and it's not Albany.

To those who have been to Vegas, does this make any sense?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gone to Vegas.

I'll be back next Tuesday. Pray that I don't kill one of DH's friends who has unfortunately decided to grace us with his wholly obnoxious and immature presence. Grrrr!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Driveway Quote.

Woot!!! Came in $1,200 UNDER what we thought it was going to cost. To be done last week in April or first week in May. I never in a million years thought I could be this excited about a driveway. *does happy dance*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Driveway Debacle.

Pictures are below.

I rarely, if ever, bitch about my husband because there’s not much to bitch about. He’s a really good guy. Today, however, he is at the top of my shit list.

Our driveway is a mess. An absolute mudpit. It is supposed to be a cinder driveway (think very tiny stones) but most has been plowed off or just worn off so now we are left with mud. We have a fairly long driveway as our garage is detached and way in back. The driveway runs from the road, along side of the house and all the way to the garage. It’s narrow but long...and it’s a mudpit. With all of the melting snow, you sink about two inches down into the mud when walking on it. I have to take the dogs out the front door and around the other side of the house because it’s just that bad.

I want to have it paved this spring. There would be no mess in the spring and fall or when it rains. It would DRASTICALLY cut down on the amount of dirt we and the dogs track into the house. The lawn wouldn’t be wrecked every year by having all the cinder plowed into the grass and then having to rake it all back out in the spring. It would add value to the house and be aesthetically pleasing. It’s going to cost about $4,500. The problem? DH doesn’t ‘want’ to pave the driveway. Why? He doesn’t want to pay for his half of it. I think this is horribly unfair.

He came into this relationship with his clothes and his dresser. I had or bought everything else and I mean EVERYTHING; all the tvs, stereos, furniture, dishes, glasses, cookware and that was fine. When we bought this house, I wanted a dining room set. I had to pay for it myself. Also fine. But when it comes to the house, I think differently. Every time something needs to be done to the house, I have to ‘beg’ in order to hire someone. When we bought the house, he wanted to refinsh the hardwoods himself. Eeep! He has never refinished a floor in his life! I had to kick and scream to get him to agree to hire someone to do it. (It wound up costing us $500 to have 2 rooms and a bathroom done.) When we went to have the back room remodeled, he wanted to do it himself, which while I think he may have been able to pull it off, it would have taken him two months and I would have to had to be at his beck and call to help. Frustrating at best. Again, I had to push and push to get him (read: us) to spend a whopping $900 to have someone come in and do it for us. They did a fantastic job and it took them two days. Now it’s the driveway. I just don’t see why I should have to pay for the whole thing myself just because I ‘want’ it and he doesn’t. It’s for the house! It’s for both of us! We are both going to reap the benefits of it and get the money back out when we sell the place. And it’s not that he doesn’t have the money. He makes about 20k more a year than I do.

I’m angry and frustrated.

How would you handle this? Has anyone had a situation like this? Help!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ansehs! Git yer ansehs heah!

1. When did I get married?

Answer: June 5, 2004

2. How many siblings do I have?

Answer: two younger brothers, Chris and Jeff.

3. Which state have I not lived in?

Answer: Connecticut.

4. Which State University of New York (SUNY) college did I go to?

Answer: Potsdam. No one got this right. I *knew* I’d fool a bunch of you with the SUNY Albany. *grin*

5. Which Department do I work for?

Answer: Justice. All but two got that right. :)

6. Bear came from:

Answer: Las Vegas Baby! That one was easy.

7. By what loving expression do I refer to my husband as?

Answer: Dolly. No one got that right either.

8. By what loving expression do I refer to my ex-boyfriend as?

Answer: Douche bag!!!!! Fvcking Douche Bag if I am feeling particularly feisty.

9. How many years younger is my husband than I?

Answer: A cradle robbing FOUR years!! He refers to himself as my “trophy husband”.

10. Where did the nickname Poopie come from?

Answer: It’s a play on the word puppy making the vowel ‘u’ sound long. It all started with DH and I asking each other who was going to come home at lunch and let the puppy out. Then it turned to letting the Poopie out. When I came home from work, I would always greet her with an enthusiastic “Hi Poopie!!” I was shocked when she started answering to it. We have since dropped the P so it became Oopie and as of late, just Oop. What’s bad though is she’ll answer to Oop way faster than Althea which I need to start calling her more. *sigh* Oop is just such a fun name!!

This was great fun everyone. Thank you for taking the time to answer my quiz!