Thursday, April 10, 2008

A proper update.

ETA: Sharnina tagged me and I never get tagged! Thank you! For today, I promise not to key any cars in 'special' parking spaces. KIDDING!

That, and marrying a man old enough to be your father, a man whom you hardly know.

This was taken from The Boleyn Inheritance, by Philippa Gregory. Anne of Cleves had just been crowed Queen. I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl. For some weird reason, I have taken a strange interest in the history of King Henry VIII and his many wives. It was even stranger to see them discussing Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and her daughter Queen Elizabeth on OT!!

Things are a billion times better than they were 4-6 months ago. Whew. That SVCKED!! DH and are back to pretty much normal. It was really odd to become completely different people and then react to the negative changes in the other. It was all hugely stressful. It’s back to normal though. We really should have communicated better. That was a mistake that we hopefully will not make again.

I am getting accustomed to the south and can get around Charlotte really well. Definitely a perk of not working. I am developing some loyalty to NC which is good for adjusting. We soooo wanted Davidson to win against Kansas. Bummer. But at least Kansas took the whole thing.

TEE fvcking quit four months after I left. I can't even believe it. Stupid c-word. Oh and I all the work I put into keeping it quiet so that the good employee would get my position over TEE, went completely unappreciated by the good employee. I see in hindsight, the good employee played me. Utterly and completely. Plus she’s acting like the fvcking Queen of England now that she has my job. What the fvck ever. If I can give anyone any advice about the workplace, never under ANY circumstances, completely trust anyone you work with. Never. Ever. EVER.

Kim, Happy Belated Birthday!! (Next year, I think we should all get together and find a bakery near Kim and send her a coconut cake. :) )

The weather is really super nice. I have a great tan and all the windows are open letting in the gorgeous spring air. One thing though. While I am happy it’s spring, it’s not the same rush that you get during spring in the north. In the north, winter is so brutal that spring is virtually orgasmic due to the winter pummeling. When you don’t have that brutal winter, spring is kinda like “Oh, that’s nice.” Anyway, I can’t wait for our pool to open!!! Woot!

The job market here has really tanked in all but the financial field. Part of the job market issue here is that the city has grown so fast, professions other than finance are strapped with the influx of people who followed their spouses down (or up). To quote BB, with that being said, I? GOT.A.JOB. I’ll let you all know more down the line. My start date should be somewhere in mid May. So now it’s like being on vacation. Before, staying in this house all day, was like a prison sentence. As I have said before, I am just not cut out for staying at home. I imagine if staying at home was a choice, rather than a forced existence, it would have been MUCH more enjoyable. I probably would have had a blast if I had been around family and friends but being alone, at home all day, in a new city where you know no one, you don’t have any money of your own, not so much. The money thing was a real problem. I’ve always made my own money and having to ask DH for cash, especially when we were fighting so badly, was really hard. (I have a large IRA but really didn’t want to dip into that.) It will be thrilling to get a paycheck again. It’s so funny. I missed working so tremendously, that I started to covet office supplies! Ha! I would go to Staples, just walk around and drool.

I haven’t been horseback riding. I only went once after the accident and was perfectly terrified. That accident has really screwed me up in the head. We’ve been mountain biking and I am so afraid of riding into a tree and hurting myself, that I can barely ride for shit. I used to be really good and if for whatever reason, I crashed and was slightly injured, it was badge of honor. Now, I am just scared to death. So Monday my friend Sue and I are going for a private horseback lesson to get me back on track and boost my confidence. I need to be the only one in the ring so I’m not worried about what someone else’s horse is doing as that's what caused the last accident.

I think that’s about it. Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it. Here's a pic of the pups on Easter. It was a nightmare getting them to sit still. In fact, here's the link to video prior to the picture. The 'boing' at the end is Thea hitting the door stop which sent me into an absolute fit of giggles. (I can't figure out how to post the link properly so cutting and pasting the link below will work.)¤t=007.flv