Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Birthday Girl.

Finally! They are a bit out of order so bear with me. Poopie and I went up to Sackets Harbor for the weekend. Saturday, Thea's birthday, was spent swimming, playing fetch and general merriment. Since my brother and his girlfriend were up there as well, she received tons of attention. She had pieces of chopped up steak in her kibble and and orange muffin for a birthday cake. We sang happy birthday to her and made her wear a hat. She would only keep the hat on for seconds at a time so we had to move fast. Basically, the whole weekend was spent loving on her :) I apoligize for the birthday pictures. My mother who is normally a fantastic photographer, seemed to forget how to even work a camera. *rolls eyes*

Oh and there are more flower pictures at the end. Wow! Two posts from me in one day! Oh and I forgot to say, if you click on the pictures, they get larger.

Some flower pictures with my new digital.

First, let me preface by saying this would have included Poopie's birthday pictures but after uploading these, blogger is not letting me upload anymore, even in a new post. So when it finally allows me the priveledge of posting pictures again, I will post Poopie's pictures.

FTR, I did not grow these. These all belong to my mother. She has gardens like Augie does. I don't really have the patience or the wherewithall to grow stuff. Check out the cool color function where you can isolate one color and the rest is black and white. Enjoy!

Friday, June 16, 2006

So tell me. What are you good at?

Okay fellow bloggy peeps, it's time to extol your unique abilities and skills. Embrace your inner DAW!

For example, Kim is GREAT at making me feel inferior with her tremendous kitchen skills and cooking ingenuity. KIDDING! *smooches for Kim*

I am not really ‘fantastic’ at anything but ‘good’ at lots of stuff. I am a really good baker. Christmas time is a favorite of my in-laws as they get huge amounts of baked goods from me and it’s not the usual fare. It’s things like chocolate covered cherry cookies, checkerboard shortbread cookies, chocolate caramel crunch bars, etc. Hmmmm. What else. I can sew and have made almost all the curtains in our home. I make some pretty neat pj pants, jewelry and stained glass panels. I am also a pretty good sailor. Love to run the winches, especially on Starboard. Things I suck at? Photography and gardening. I am trying though! I guess if I had to come up with one thing I was fantastic at it would be swimming. I swam all through high-school and into college. Oh and almost forgot. I am very good at drinking. *whispers* It comes with the sailing territory.

So tell me. What are you good at?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Updates on Bear.

Because blogger was giving me such a hard time uploading photos, please click here for what they call "Bear's Happy Tail" (his adoption story with lots and lots of pictures!).

Scroll almost all the way down on the left. Bear is below Steve and next to Roxie.

Sorry for the fat looking picture. That t-shirt is huge and we had been working in the yard.