Monday, January 29, 2007

I love MADtv. Video clip included!

OMG. I love MADtv. Every Saturday morning (that isn't my turn to take the pups out), I lay in bed and watch MADtv sketches. I love the older sketches that feature Mo Collins and Stephnie Weir. Stephnie Weir has a regular character named Dot. Dot is a seven year old girl and has a twin sister named Karen. Karen is a genius whom her parents adore. Dot, ummmm, not so much. This is my very favorite sketch. I was crying from laughing so hard, especially when Dot describes how poorly her father did in the flight simulator. Also, Dot's reaction when her father tells her that he hates her, is pure freakin' genius.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just some more random stuff.

First off, I dread the holidays. I do. I dread them. All the jockying from the outlaws, all the demands, mailing gifts (I HATE that with a passion because I tend to procrastinate), shopping, worrying, I just want them over with. This year, at the last minute, my mom asked me to send cookies to my brother in Iraq. No problem at all...until she informed me that I was expected to bake for his whole troop AND they had to be sent out in five days. 22.9 POUNDS of cookies went to Iraq. Anyway, now that the holidays are all over and won’t be around for another 10 months, I am finally in the mood to enjoy them. How effed up is that? Don’t get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to spring as always. (Of course, except for mud and 8 paws to wipe every time they come in the house.) I just wish that the holidays could come at a time when I am prepared to enjoy them. Like now. :)

In other news, DH has us on a whole foods diet. Virtually nothing processed. Everything is veggies, fruits (fresh or dried at home), beans, lean meat (no lunch meat), nuts. If we do make something with flour, we use whole wheat flour and if something calls for sugar we use honey instead. The only fat we use to cook with is olive oil and every once in while we’ll use some butter on something like squash. It’s working nicely. Who knew that cabbage, sauteed with mustard and walnuts would be so freaking yummy!! Or potato leek soup!! I actually find that we are not wanting for snack foods that we normally have in the house: Sunchips, Triscuits, pretzels, corn chips, etc. Grab a handful of nuts, some dried fruit, or carrots and hummus and you’re good to go. I know to some of you think this sounds like absolute torture but we were eating so poorly and drinking so much that this is a welcome change. I also find that we are spending about $30.00 less in groceries every week in addition to the $50 less in a week in booze and soda. We did buy a bottle of wine Friday night and 1/3 of it is still on the counter.

I am going to Minneapolis for four days in February to visit my friend Heather. I can’t wait!!! And DH and I are going to Vegas in March for a wedding. We’re both Vegas virgins so it should be interesting. The only down side is we have to board the dogs for 6 nights. It makes me sick to my stomach but at least they’ll be together in the same 8x6 kennel. The boarding facility has the option of having a webcam on their kennel so you can check in on them anytime you wish. I would be glued that thing 24-7 making sure they were okay so that’s probably not a good idea. What does one wear in Vegas? Oh and we're staying in the Pyramid thingy. Anything that is a must see when you go to Vegas? We will not have a car. I do get to meet the peeps that we adopted Bear from. :) (The Rescue not the owners!)

Monday, January 08, 2007


1. We quit drinking. $200 a month in hard liquor is way too much on the wallet and more importantly, on the liver. There are still some Miller Lite cans in the house but those are very similar to carbonated water.

2. I signed Bear up for Canine Good Citizen classes so he can be a therapy dog (nursing homes, vet hospitals). Although with the way he acts when he sees people though barriers (glass, gates, etc.), it’s going to be a major issue to get him to pass. Plus he’s very protective of me. *sigh*

3. I have started doing home visits for a lab rescue out of Rochester. Home visits involve going to the home of a prospective adopter to see if they and their home are suitable for adopting a lab. Very rewarding.

4. I am going to start English style horseback riding lessons again. I can’t wait.

5. It was 71 degrees and sunny here on Saturday. It was a gift!

6. TEE is really acting up. I knew she would. In fact, I am surprised it has taken her this long.

7. My brother in Utah is making a rather rapid descent into drug addiction and is going to end up homeless very soon. There is very little I can do from this far away when he will not speak to any of us. He has already been through 1 out-patient program followed by 2 in-patient programs. It's difficult to help someone that refuses to help themselves, especially one who has already received treatment.

That’s about all I have for you.

8. Oh and my other brother in Iraq sent me an 80gig iPod for x-mas. I was trying to get it squared away yesterday and now it will only blink "Do Not Disconnect." with the big red circle with the slash through it. That bothers me so much, it kept me up last night.

And if you've made it this far, a gratuitous pic of the pups.