Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Many things.

1. Important things first. My cookies went out on Saturday. I apologize in advance to one of my recipients. I didn't have enough packing material at the post office so I used grocery bags from my groceries instead. Sorry!

2. I have a broken nose. My surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 7:30 to reset it. I broke it horseback riding. I have started taking lessons again. A bunch of women my age get together on Wednesday mornings for an hour lesson and then an hour trail ride. (It's the only good thing about not having a job.) Things went terribly wrong the day before Thanksgiving and I was thrown face first into the fence. It was neither my fault nor Romeo's (my horse). Wyoming started to buck, which made Prince buck, which made Hollywood buck...you get the picture. And here is a picture the day after. You can imagine how black and blue my eyes got after that. Please don't laugh at how ugly I am. *sobs*

3. I still don't have a job but it's certainly from not lack of applying or looking. I am even signed up with 3 agencies. From what they tell me, this is a crappy time of year. Things should look much better come January. I hate being at home and I HATE not having income. Grrrrrr.

4. All the changes have been made on the house. It looks great. I'll post pictures later.

5. I am still married. We are in INTENSIVE therapy right now with an actual shrink and not just a counselor. The man I live with now is NOT the same man I was married to in Albany. I don't know how long it will last, him acting like this or the marriage itself.

6. I have missed all of you greatly and thank you for all the replies in my last post. I just have a very tough time sharing personal stuff. Work yes, marriage no.

7. The weather rocks here.

8. I've actually made some friends. One of them is going with me for my surgery tomorrow. :)

9. My mom came to visit and we had a wonderful time. My marital problems are actually causing my mother and me to deal with our own mother/daughter issues.

10. I am flying home for x-mas. My DH is not coming with me. I am not really looking forward to the holidays at all. Because my weather association is so off, I keep thinking it's mid October. I'll be ready for x-mas when the tulips come up in February.

11. I think that's it. I'll edit if I think of anything else.