Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ROAD TRIP!!! Exciting stuff. :)

Well, we leave tomorrow at 5:30pm and drive ‘til we can’t drive no more. DH has a meet and greet in Knoxville at 3:00pm and then we’re going to look around. Saturday we’re going to drive to Charlotte and check the place out; neighborhoods, the sailing club, downtown, etc. As I see it, we’ll be looking at our new home. Monday, DH has an actual interview doing what he does now!!! Wow. I am going to meet with one of the leading legal placement agencies on Monday as well. Monday night, we drive to Raleigh and take another look around. Tuesday, we drive home, hopefully with a good idea of where we are going to live.

Yes, folks. After YEARS of complaining about fvcking TEE, the neighbors, this office, Albany in general, etc., we are *fingers crossed* going to be getting the EFF out of here. I am so very pleased that we have been proactive about this and didn’t fall back into the complacency of “well, I think I can hack it for a little longer.” No. It’s time for a change. I swear, it’s like the morning after our wedding. DH woke up and with a totally giddy smile on his face, pointed to his wedding band and almost whispered “JT! Look what we did!!!” Almost as though we’re little kids who got away with something huge. I imagine we’ll do the same thing if this all works out. :)

I'm going to take some new pics of the pups to post when I get back. It's been like 3-4 months with no new pics of the pups! Oop is going to be 2!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Scouting Trip...I need some advice.

As some of you know, DH and I are going on a scouting trip to NC June 1-6. We are going to hit up Raleigh, Charlotte and possibly Winston-Salem. Charlotte is the big one. I will have no problem getting a job in Charlotte and DH should have a fairly easy time as well. The real estate market is incredible there. My question is should be head over to Knoxville? DH was just down there on an audit and he said it was just all that. It would be difficult to for DH to find a job but he thinks “you never know”. It will also take a huge chunk of time. 8 hours just in drive time. That’s a lot when you’re on a tight schedule. I am really torn about going over there. While I would LOVE to see it and hate to miss out on an opportunity, I also think we should focus our short time down there on Charlotte which is proving to be our best bet all the way around. But as soon as I write that, I think to myself, we’d be nuts not to drive over there. Help! What would you do?

Friday, May 11, 2007


That what DH called me last night when he got home from his audit trip. I was happy to see him and was being all affectionate if you will. He then said “You’re being all do-ity.” *snicker* I thought it was very funny and then? I got me some. *snort* Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My absolute favorite time of the year.

Spring is a little late this year, but well worth the wait. It's 82 and sunny today. That, in upstate NY, is a GIFT. The leaves aren't out fully yet but they're that light green springy color. That green color is the promise of summer and I LOVE IT!! It's exciting, refreshing, relaxing and exhilirating all at the same time. While our winter wasn't that bad, the last three months were TOUGH. Especially when the basement flooded in mid-April.

In other news, I still have pink-eye. I am on Day 10 and it's now in both eyes. DH is finally better. Today is my first day back to work since April 30. I have sunglasses on as the light is my office is killing me.

I am reading everyone's blogs everday but when I go to comment, I realize that I have to sign in and sometimes I just don't *feel* like signing in. Is anyone else as lazy as I am when it comes to this?

I bought DH a Weber grill for his birthday. He's going to come home from his audit trip tomorrow and find it in the garage with a big bow, new grilling tools and Weber's "Big Book of Grilling." A couple weeks ago, we ordered a big delivery of stuff from Omaha Steaks so we have plenty of good things to grill. WOOT!

Friday, May 04, 2007


If there is anything in this world I cannot stand, it's hypocrisy. It must be the Libra in me.

I absolutely abhor those that play the victim...of their own fvcking pathetic self-serving game. My MIL is QUEEN of this, followed by a certain OT'er. They looove to play "I'm being oh-sooo coy (I've had eight!!!!), sly, 'psuedo' under radar, thinking that maybe we'll get the inside joke or maybe we won't, when they are really putting it out there for all to see, point blank, hoping to garner the favor of married men/single/married women in an on-line chat room.

God FORBID these folks are judged, both the men and woman for their inappropraite bullshit. And if they are judged in the areas where they are dabbling, then what happens? It sends them reeling into their self-rightous judgmetal state. FVCK EM. WE GET IT. You don't need to beat us over the head with your Gloria Steinam sexual philosophy. It's been done. You're a bit too late.

I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with someone living a free life. No problem AT ALL!!! Just don't start crying your persecuted bullshit, when you post your nonsense in inapproptiate places and then get lambasted for it. You fucking revel in the married dudes falling for it..however you are inadequately prepared for when the others of that community, don't.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Attack of the Pink Eye.

WARNING!!! Proceed at your own risk. *hands out Purell bottles to everyone*

The Tkit household is under attack by some insane virus. DH has had it for 12 days, I just got my membership yesterday. It's Pink Eye. But this is no ordinary pink eye folks! The Special Edition Pink Eye comes with flu like symptons such as fevers of 103 or more, nasuea, body aches, sore throat and headaches. It's fabulous. My only saving grace is that I only have it in one eye. DH has it in both.

Please cut me some slack on how gross I look. It's odd how the Special Edition Pink Eye makes you cross eyed.

This is DH on day 7. He had been to the Dr. three times, including the Opthamologist.

This is me this morning on Day 2. Let's all hope that I manage to keep it out of my left eye.